A Happy Client Speaks

When disaster strikes, it’s often the people who come to our rescue that leave an indelible mark on our lives. For one Auckland homeowner, Sound Homes proved to be those lifesavers when a relentless rainstorm put their property in peril.

“Our house in Auckland developed a leak in the heavy rain in July. We had several contractors come around to assess it, but none of them could give us a straight answer as to what the problem was. Some suggested a flashing issue, some suggested a cladding problem, others suggested it needed the roof re-doing. None of them really inspired any confidence that they knew what the problem was, and none could guarantee they would fix it,” recalls the homeowner.

Enter Regan and the team at SoundHomes. Their dedication to solving the problem and their commitment to quality work set them apart from the rest.

Expertise that Inspires Confidence

Regan didn’t just glance at the issue; he performed a thorough inspection, including cutting into the Gib to assess the extent of the problem. This dedication to understanding the root cause of the leak was the first step in regaining the homeowner’s trust.

After analysing the issue, Regan and his team proposed a solution that came with a guarantee – a promise that resonated deeply with the worried homeowners. While the quote may have been higher than some competitors, the level of knowledge and the certainty that Sound Homes could fix the problem was worth every penny.

Comprehensive Service and Transparency

One standout aspect of SoundHomes was their commitment to providing a comprehensive service. The quote included everything needed to fix the issue, eliminating the hassle of coordinating different contractors for various tasks.

Once the project was underway, SoundHomes wasted no time. Scaffolding went up swiftly, and the team of builders, led by Gonzalo, demonstrated professionalism, efficiency, and skill throughout the process. What set them apart further was their dedication to cleanliness; they left the site in impeccable condition, something not always seen in the construction industry.

Adaptability and Quality

During the course of the project, SoundHomes encountered additional issues. However, rather than being a source of concern, these challenges showcased their professionalism. They communicated clearly with the homeowners, explained the situation, and provided revised quotes to address the newfound issues.

The repairs to the cladding were executed with meticulous attention to detail. The house’s painting was of an exceptionally high standard, and the repair of the interior Gib, after having been cut into, was executed swiftly and with a remarkable colour match – making it nearly impossible to discern where the repair took place.

The Ultimate Test

The true test of SoundHomes’ work came during two Auckland floods. While neighbouring houses experienced significant leaks, the homeowner’s property remained bone dry. In the face of adversity, SoundHomes’ commitment to quality and their ability to deliver on their promise shone through.

In the homeowner’s own words: “Had we not got SoundHomes in, we would have been in loads of trouble. Thanks a million guys!”

Sound Homes isn’t just a construction company; they’re a lifeline when your home is in distress. Their dedication to understanding, solving, and guaranteeing their work is a testament to their professionalism and commitment to excellence. When the rains pour down, Sound Homes stands tall as the ultimate protector of Auckland homes.

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