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Leaky Deck Repairs Auckland Wide

Leaky Deck Repairs

Leaky decks are the No1 cause of leaky home, MOST decks are built with out correct water proofing clearance or drainage.

The reasons for leaky decks and overall deterioration vary as does the type of deck.

Types of Decks and Issues

Timber slatted Decks

  • These are usually low risk because they have free drainage. However where they connect to the house can be an issue as is usually a point of water ingress.
  • Waterproof membrane surface damage
  • Water ponding
  • Poorly designed drainage systems
  • Accumulation of mold and dirt
  • Water draining towards the house
  • Separation of membrane from substrate
  • Tiled waterproof membrane leaks
  • Localised leaking where balustrades secured to membrane

Enclosed Balconies

  • These usually sit into the lower roof or above a living room. If not constructed correctly are often the cause of leaks. Direct fixed tiles, inadequate membranes or joinery and cladding clearances, badly design or installed drainage systems.

Balustrades and Junctions

  • Solid cladding balustrades that plastered cause a huge amount of damage and water ingress. A flat top surface that does not allow water run off, will always allow water ingress eventually. It only takes 12 months for the UV to breakdown the paint’s water proofing ability in an up-facing surface and water ingress will follow if it is allowed to pool.


We understand how important your home is, which is why we complete an onsite inspection before developing a long term solution for your deck. Our friendly team has the skills and expertise to provide you with first class leaky deck repairs Auckland wide. We pride ourselves on delivering professional service and the high quality workmanship necessary to restore your deck to pristine condition, so call us at Sound Homes and say goodbye to all your leaky deck problems!