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The leaky home scandal

Exposed the devastating effects of compromised cement-based plasters and light weight claddings. The cracks began to form in the early 90’s with the growing popularity of ‘Mediterranean’ style homes which incorporated the unfortunate combination of plaster cladding and untreated timber-frames. All houses have movement and especially timber-framed houses shrink and swell as the wood changes moisture content in response to daily as well as seasonal changes in the relative humidity of the atmosphere.

What you might not know

Where the trouble sets in is the fact that cement-based plasters and rigid cladding sheets cannot flex meaning that cracks can and often occur at critical joints in the cladding. Since the cladding is directly fixed to the timber framing, cracking generally occurs where the sheets have been joined. Compromised plaster at these junctions provide a direct path for moisture to reach the timber framing of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions


To reclad or repair, which is cheaper? Do you really need a total reclad?

Being told you need a full reclad is often a knee-jerk reaction from builders after finding a weather tightness issue. Sound Homes focuses on reinstating value back into your home without unnecessary spending. We ensure repairs are undertaken to maximise the durability of your home and then recommend a maintenance program that keeps your home durable. We would only recommend a full reclad in the most extreme of cases.

How much will it cost?

Sound Homes will assess your home and supply a report and a fixed price quote. We recommend specific construction fixes that we know will provide a weathertight structure, and therefore help reinstate value back into your property.

How long should the process take?

Every home is different. It all depends on how many areas need to be addressed and how many services are involved. We don’t use subcontractors. Sound Homes physically undertakes all repair works required and because of this we ensure a smooth transition from one service to the next, without any costly downtime between services that can leave you and your family in a state of flux.

What kind of guarantee does Sound Homes offer on their work?

As long as you follow the Sound Homes recommended maintenance schedule, your home will be future proofed as a dry, durable and weathertight building. All of our work and products are covered by product warranties and workmanship guarantees.


At Sound Homes we understand how devastating and expensive this can be – especially if you are looking to sell your property. That’s why we focus on reinstating value back into your home without unnecessary spending and then recommend a maintenance program that keeps your home durable.

We do it right or not at all!