Every home can leak

Every Home Can Leak

Most people understand that a crack in your cladding can lead to water ingress. Not many
homeowners understand that the real places that lead to serious leak and damage issues are the
junction points. This is where exterior cladding meet other different components. Eg: where the
cladding meets windows, where it meets roofing, where it meets balconies, ground surfaces or
other claddings. These are called “cladding to other junctions” the next series of blogs will deal
with the different “cladding to other junctions” that le ak on ANY home not just plaster.


These are where the cladding stops and the facia and gutter start. For decades the badly
regulated building boom allowed these areas to be seriously inadequately installed. The roof and
its lead or flashing just stopped and the gutter/facia started. As all our staff at SoundHomes
understands “think like water” if one product stops and another starts without correct drainage
and water management (ie: directing the water away from a weak point) it will ALWAYS leak.


90% of the homes we work on, even just a simple paint job
do not have any protection at these junctions. So we have developed a very successful retro
installation of a purpose made “Diverter Flashing” at these points, (often also called a “kick-out” flashing ) because that what it is designed to do… “kick-out’ the water away from the exposed and vulnerable junction into the gutter where is is then drained away.

Have a look on your home and check if you have these flashings installed at your lower roof
junctions, if not you may very likely have a leaking issue within the structure beneath the point,
possibly rotten and degrading timber.

If you can’t find these flashings on your home, give us a call for a free no obligation quote on
0800662239 or fill out the enquiry form online at www.soundhomesnz.co.nz.

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