When Does my house need to be repainted?

Plaster Cladding Know How

 Plaster cladding has been given a bit of a bad rap but just like any home if your exterior is looked after well it will perform great.

It won’t be new to you that plaster cladding homes require a little more attention than most other types of homes.

So when does my house need to be repainted? Most plaster cladding homes will require regular crack repair. This cracking does not mean your cladding and plaster system is failing. As in any home there is movement and shifting.

Cladding will expand as it heats up and will expand during the heat of the day.

Different monolithic cladding types expand and contract at different rates.

At the extreme a ‘Harditex’ test result showed an expansion of as much a 2mm at every sheet joint between the sun sitting on it during the day and then as it cooled down on a cold night.

Although cracking is normal and can be expected it doesn’t mean that the cracks should be ignored.

What do I do when my cladding has some cracks? 

Firstly, don’t let them linger too long.

A crack will allow water to penetrate into the timber structure behind which will be out of sight. Over time this water penetration will lead to very expensive repairs.

The right course of action is to get them repaired and painted by an exterior cladding and plaster specialist as soon as possible. It will save you time and money in the long run getting these repairs done professionally.

SoundHomes are specialists and we know that having the right tools, the right materials and the best products means the job can be done quickly and efficiently.

What do I do if the paint is worn and damaged?

Paint is CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT! It is important on any home surface but even more so with plaster cladding.

The paint on Plaster cladding homes is not just there to look nice it is actually the first line of weathertight defence.

The new technology Elastomeric membrane paint systems are designed to stay flexible, repel water and contaminants.

When does my house need to be repainted? It is VERY important to have your home re-painted every 8-10 years. When your home is painted make sure all the silicon connections to other components such as joinery are cut out and reinstalled with flash silicon before the paint work is done.

These extra steps are your investment in optimising the resilience of your cladding.

This painting system is specialist work and not something that all painters can undertake.

Don’t be overwhelmed though SoundHomes know the correct products and systems that will be suitable for your home. We can identify and treat any ‘at-risk’ findings during the job instead. We often see painting that has tried to “cover” the issues rather than completing necessary repairs.

If you have any questions one of our Exterior home performance specialists can come out and look over your home for you, just go to our website soundhomesnz.co.nz and fill out the enquiry request and we will be in touch within an couple of hours to help you out.

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