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Painting Services

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Sound Homes is a trusted, licensed applicator of New Zealand’s leading paint and exterior membrane manufacturers. We work closely with the creators of the best products of the market to ensure we are always up to date with the newest products and processes. Our team is well experienced with the application of all interior and Exterior Painting Auckland products and has the expertise to ensure all of our clients get a top quality paint system and peace of mind. We have won many awards for auckland exterior painting and seal process.

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When updating the paint system on your home it is a great time to ensure the rest of your home is checking all the weathertight boxes.


Check all silicone and sealants are still flexible and sealed

Check all lower roof junctions are sealed

Review bases of cladding clearances to allow water to flow away

Joinery should still have flexible sealants - glass, rubber and aluminium mitres may have receded and no longer water resistant

Review window head flashings are sealed and verify that no wind driven rain can enter

Check if new flashings need to be installed and for cracks, fractures and cladding movement

Review all decks and flat membrane roofs to determine if the waterproofing membrane is adequate and drainage is clear

Check structure junctions and exterior penetrations for water ingress eg. Hose taps, pergola attachments, fence fixings, downpipes fixings

Review balustrade and parapet top edges must have either a liquid membrane or a purpose made cap flashing

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work the best when an elastomeric paint system is applied over the top. Or maybe you require some new flashings to make sure the weather stays out! We can work with you to provide your home with the best line of defence against the elements. We provide an applicators warranty for our work and a product warranty direct from the product manufacturer on all full paint systems.

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