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20 years in the exterior home repair industry

Internal Guttering and Fascia Replacement Auckland

Problem Area 1:
Fascia with concealed guttering

20 years in the exterior home repair industry has given us the practical experience to provide the best solution for your gutter and facia concealed gutters are very high risk of leaking to homes walls and structure. The very fact that they are concealed and internal means they can leak slowly for many years without being noticed causing huge amount of damage. We have mastered the art of replacing those with brand new external facia and gutter systems that drain freely with NO risk for the future.

Gutter and facia replacement

Fascia and Gutter Repairs


Purpose Designed Systems Specifics to your home. SEE OUR BEFORE AND AFTER PICS

Our job starts with a house inspection

We determine the nature of the issue before providing an in depth written report on our recommendations. So if your fascia shows any signs of rot, water discolouration or is leaking water into your home urgently contact Sound Homes for a FREE inspection. We restore value to your home and protect your investment for the long term.

Problem Area 2: Internal Gutters

Can cause costly damage, repairs and disruption to your home should they leak or overflow. Problems typically present themselves during particularly intensive periods of rainfall, the worst possible time for such issues to arise.

Internal gutter failure

Usually occurs due to a combination of factors

Bad design

Faulty installation or handywork

Low quality build materials

Lack of maintenance

Sound Homes specialises in identifying and resolving for the long term safety of your home

At Sound Homes

We take the pain out of the whole process by taking responsibility for the projects completion from start to finish. We conduct a thorough investigation to understand the full extent of the damage and the likely cause before providing a repair or replacement plan including maintenance recommendations. Contact Sound Homes in the event of a storm and we will have your gutters right as rain before you know it!