Sound Homes NZ is proudly a leading brand with a reliable reputation in the weathertight property industry. Our team offers top-to-toe services, providing everything you need to ensure that your biggest asset is protected.



Thanks to our commitment to high-quality results, Sound Homes NZ won the Rockcote Resene Construction Systems National Craftsmanship Award in 2015, as well as being named the winner of the Northern Regional Residential Award in consecutive years! 


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Cladding is one of the critically important components of any home build regarding its comfortable liveability, longevity and maintenance requirements. Cladding plays a massive part in the choice home buyers make when deciding whether to buy an existing property or build a new one from scratch. Since the 1920s, many New Zealand properties have been constructed using monolithic cladding, favouring a cladding known as 'Stucco'. Stucco is the oldest of the three variants of monolithic cladding used in home builds. Stucco, like any kind of cladding, requires regular maintenance and paint work to protect the property's exterior and interior from weather damage. Sound Homes NZ has made a name for itself, providing expert maintenance and repairs for all types of monolithic cladding Auckland-wide. We can spot the damage and make a plan to prevent it from happening again. Your property's FIRST LINE of defence against the elements lives within the paint coats, not the cladding itself. Aged or worn paint will allow water through the cracks and to start seeping into your cladding, which causes swelling, warping and other avoidable damage. If your property has suffered water leaks or is an older monolithic-style home - you need to be proactive to prevent damage or further damage. The elements don't stop, and leaks will get worse with - or without your knowledge.


From simply removing cracked plaster and replacing it to providing large areas of full cladding replacement or even applying reinforced mesh overlay to your home, we specialise in creating customised repair plans to suit the requirements of each property. 


We take the time needed to investigate and understand why the plaster is deteriorating in the first place and fix the baseline issue correctly the first time.

Interior House Painters

Beautiful colour matching and revitalisation of your home's interior. Nothing feels "new", like a fresh lick of paint.

Exterior House Painters

Exterior paint isn't just about first impressions; it's the first line of defence against elemental leak damage and must be kept topped up to keep up with your environment.

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