Sound Homes NZ: Your Trusted Weathertightness Experts in Auckland

Owning a home or commercial building comes with the responsibility of maintaining its structural integrity. In Auckland, where the weather can be unpredictable, ensuring your property is weathertight is of utmost importance. This is where Sound Homes NZ, the leading weathertightness experts, step in. With a commitment to excellence and a team of experienced professionals, Sound Homes NZ is dedicated to providing seamless repair and maintenance services for homes and commercial buildings.

Our Expertise:

Sound Homes NZ stands out as a beacon of reliability in the construction industry. With a wealth of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we specialise in addressing weathertightness issues that may compromise the integrity of your property. Our expertise extends to both residential and commercial buildings, making us a versatile and trusted choice for property owners in Auckland.

Tailor-Made Solutions:

Understanding that each property is unique, Sound Homes NZ takes a personalised approach to address your specific needs. After a thorough assessment of your situation, we craft tailor-made solutions that ensure a precise and effective resolution to weathertightness issues. Our commitment is not just to fix the problem but to provide a solution that enhances the longevity and durability of your property.

Seamless Project Management:

Navigating through repair works can be a daunting task. At Sound Homes NZ, we aim to make this process as smooth as possible for our clients. Upon creating a custom solution for your property, we assign a dedicated project manager to oversee all aspects of the repair works. This ensures that you experience a seamless transition from one service to the next, with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs:

Our commitment to your property goes beyond the completion of repair works. Sound Homes NZ takes pride in developing comprehensive maintenance programs tailored to the design and building materials of your home or commercial building. These programs are designed to safeguard your property against future weathertightness issues, providing a proactive and preventative approach to maintenance.

Strategic Partnerships:

Sound Homes NZ believes in delivering future-proof solutions for your property. To achieve this, we have established strategic partnerships with the country’s leading architects and product manufacturers.

Our strategic alliances with industry-leading manufacturers have played a pivotal role in enabling us to deliver fool-proof weathertightness solutions to numerous properties across Auckland. Among our esteemed partners are renowned names such as Resene, Dulux, Stoanz, Carters, Rockcote Resene, Wattyl, Waterproofing Systems, Viking, among others. These collaborations bring together cutting-edge technology, top-quality materials, and the expertise of the best in the business, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled and enduring solutions for their properties.

Sound Homes NZ emerges as the go-to choice for weathertightness solutions in Auckland. With a commitment to excellence, personalized service, and a focus on future-proofing your property, we stand as a reliable partner in preserving the integrity of your home or commercial building. Trust Sound Homes NZ for all your weathertightness needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes with a structurally sound property.

Below is our full list of services:

  1. Inspection
    – Inspection reporting
    – Moisture testing
    – Invasive inspection
  1. Crack Repair (for every wall)
    – Exterior cladding and recladding
    – Plaster (exterior, interior, plaster repair)
    – Masonry
  1. Painting
    – Exterior, interior, and roof painting
    – Exterior waterproofing
    – Membrane paint application
  1. Exterior Plaster Systems
    – Flexible plaster systems
    – Control joint installation
    – Approved applicator for the market’s leading plaster system
    – Full mesh reinforced plaster systems
  1. Gutter Repair & Internal Gutter Conversion
    – Internal guttering and fascia replacement
    – Gutter and fascia repairs
    – Maintenance
  1. Flashings & Windows
    – Custom-made flashings
    – Kick out and head flashing installation
    – Sill and head flashing retro installation
    – Wet flashing systems
    – Torch-on waterproofing systems
  1. Leak Detection & Remediation
    – Conduct thorough inspections
    – Leak tracking
    – Develop comprehensive plan for leak remediation
    – Implement remediation measures
    – Post-remediation monitoring
  1. Targeted Repairs
    – Partial recladding
    – Cladding and timber removal/replacement
    – Existing timber treatment
    – Window refurbishment and sealing
    – Deck repair
  1. Full Recladding Service
    – From plans to consent, construction to compliance

Contact Sound Homes NZ today to explore how your property can benefit from our exceptional services. Whether you have specific inquiries or require personalised assistance, you can fill out the inquiry form below. Alternatively, feel free to call us directly at 0800-480-485. We look forward to providing you with expert solutions for your property needs.

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