Your Expert South Auckland Exterior Painters

Sound Homes is the leading expert in helping New Zealand families find long term solutions for their home’s durability.

Your Expert South Auckland Exterior Painters


Sound Homes is the leading expert in helping New Zealand families find long term solutions for their home’s durability.


For A Full Range of Weathertight Solutions, We Deliver Affordable & Dependable Long-Term Solutions to Provide Your Home with The Durability It Deserves

We focus on giving homeowners complete peace of mind – from the initial inspection to the final weathertight compliance, we manage and undertake all your home repairs, ensuring a one-stop-shop process that is as painless as it is easy, fast, and cost effective. 

Give your home the gift of expert attention, specialist care and smooth, seamless superior attention to detail.


Exterior Painters South Auckland: As weathertight specialist Exterior Painters in Central Auckland we pride ourselves in transforming not only the aesthetic appearance of your home, but also ensuring it checks all the highest quality weathertight boxes.

Leak Repairs

As sought-after South Auckland Exterior Painters we also offer the full spectrum of leak repair services. We focus on reinstating value back into your home without any unnecessary expenses. Our leak repair services include deck repairs and internal guttering & fascia replacement.


Your South Auckland Exterior Painters expert team also provides a full range of cladding and plaster crack repairs. We take the time to establish why the plaster is deteriorating in the first place and fix it with specialist coatings and plastering correctly – the first time.

High quality PAINTS

We are specialists when it comes to supplying our customers with the highest quality trusted Exterior Paints in South Auckland, having received numerous awards as licensed applicators of New Zealand’s leading paint and exterior membrane products and processes. 

Home truly is where the heart and mind reside. It’s our treasured sanctuary and the precious place we spend most of our time. When it comes to taking the best care of our homes, we take the stressing and guessing out of any weathertight woes you may be facing.

Why choose SOUND HOMES:

  • We’ve been the go-to weathertight homes industry leader for Kiwis for over 10 years.
  • Avoid unnecessary spending. By customising our repair plan to suit your unique needs, we focus on peace of mind and value for money.
  • In it for the long run. An integral part of our specialist approach is to guarantee lasting solutions and work with you to develop a long-term maintenance schedule to ensure your home remains unscathed by the effects of weather and wear and tear. 
  • No need to shop around. We provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions, helping you navigate the entire process from start to finish, for the very best outcome.
  • Our work stands the test of time. As leading South Auckland Exterior Painters and Plasterers we work with the country’s foremost manufacturers and partner with expert architects. 
  • All projects have a 10-year product and installation  warranty supplied at the end of the project
  • All projects have  a dedicated project manager to ensure a seamless project is undertaken to a high standard 

The friendly team at SOUND HOMES have all the skills and expertise to immediately assist you.

Call now for an obligation free quote.


After a thorough inspection, we’ll determine the best line of defence against the elements for your unique situation. Our crack repair systems work best when an elastomeric paint system is applied over the top. New flashings can be added to keep the bad weather at bay. As your first choice in Exterior Painters in South Auckland we provide our clients with a 15-year applicators warranty for our work together with a full 15-year product warranty directly from the manufacturer on all full paint systems. 


Why wait for a serious issue to develop? Call our knowledgeable and efficient team today for a thorough maintenance plan to safeguard your home against the potentially serious fall-out from leaks, plaster cracks, cladding deterioration, sealant issues and inadequate drainage. We offer free inspections and sound advice.

Exterior Plastering & Cladding South Auckland Wide

Did you know?

Your home’s first line of defence is actually its paint coat (or coats). Paint that is aged or degraded may allow water through and into your cladding – causing swelling and damage. 

Cladding is a critical component of any home’s durability and is essential for comfort, long-term liveability, and upkeep. 

At SOUND HOMES we do it all. From the basic removal of the cracked plaster and reinstatement of new flexible plaster, to complete areas of cladding replacement and total reinforced mesh overlay over the entire home.

NZ homes have been built using monolithic cladding since the 1920s using Stucco – the oldest of the 3 different types of monolithic cladding utilized in home construction. 

SOUND HOMES can assess and address cladding factors affecting your home’s weathertightness:

  • Leaking mitres or windows that lack sealant
  • Junctions of any type – where cladding aligns with other products
  • Where lower roofs meet cladding and have insufficient drainage 
  • Poorly installed or degraded gutters and rain-heads
  • Water seepage and “wicking” into the wall structure, caused by inadequate ground clearances
  • Cracks caused when monolithic surfaces expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations

SOUND HOMES –EXTERIOR PAINTERS. AUCKLAND Based Specialists in Weathertightness.

As New Zealand’s leading provider of maintenance and repairs for all types of monolithic cladding South Auckland wide SOUND HOMES NZ is the preferred choice for Exterior Painters in South Auckland – offering a comprehensive range of solutions to combat the “leaky homes plague” that afflicts many older South Auckland homes (and even some newer builds). 

We even do recladding for cladding that has suffered severe water damage – but in most cases everything is fixable, without the expensive reclad. 

Unsure what the extent of your repair encompasses? Request one of our experts to complete a FREE INSPECTION.


SOUND HOMES NZ: your leaky home specialists Auckland wide & specialised award-winning providers of premium waterproof Exterior Paints – South Auckland.

We provide a one-stop-shop leak repair and maintenance plan customised to your requirements. We pride ourselves in restoring your home and deck to their pristine condition, by delivering the highest quality workmanship and superior service.

  • LEAKY HOME REPAIRS in South Auckland. 
  • LEAKY DECK REPAIRS: most decks are built without the correct waterproofing clearance or drainage. Leaky decks (including timber slatted decks, enclosed balconies and balustrades and junctions) are the leading cause of leaky home issues. 
  • INTERNAL GUTTERING & FASCIA REPLACEMENT – we have mastered the art of replacing internal and fascia concealed gutters with brand new external fascia and gutter systems that drain correctly with no future risks. 

With 20 years’ experience in the exterior home repair industry, we offer Purpose Designed Systems Specifics for your home. We focus on the identification and resolution of problem areas for the long-term wellbeing, longevity, and safety of your home.


As your professional and reliable first choice when it comes to South Auckland Exterior Painters the skilled and experienced team at SOUND HOMES NZ understands that a home’s long-term success lies in effective maintenance. 

If you want to safeguard your home against possible serious issues, we’ll recommend a tailored annual maintenance programme geared towards identifying areas that require special attention in your home or dwelling. 

Our expert multi-pronged approach includes:

  • Specialised exterior wash
  • Inspecting the entire exterior cladding system (including paint/ coating system, waterproofing details, flashings, cladding junctions, and sealants)
  • Check and address internal guttering issues
  • Maintain and repaint fascias
  • Provide a full inspection and report outlining the cladding condition and maintenance recommendations
  • Further maintenance work to resolve any identified problems/ issues (if required)


The leading choice in Exterior Painters in South Auckland

We know that as conscientious and committed homeowners you’re always looking at ways to optimize your home – it’s all about enhancing you and your loved ones’ quality of life, within a safe and nurturing environment. 

We’re passionate about giving you the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to fixing weathertightness issues. By reinstating the value of your home and guaranteeing a repair and maintenance process that is efficient, quick, and convenient we take the wellbeing of your home personally. 

As hands-on weathertightness experts it’s our responsibility to create the optimum expert top-to-bottom solution for your unique home improvement requirements. 

As trusted East Auckland Exterior Painters and weathertight homes industry specialists we follow a thorough 4-step PROCESS:

1. INSPECTION Exterior Painters East Auckland

Our team of experts conducts a comprehensive investigation of your home.

2. REPORT Exterior Painters East Auckland

We provide you with a report featuring our recommendations for solving the issue.

3. REPAIR Exterior Painters East Auckland

All repairs are conducted by our highly skilled team of builders and industry specialists (partnering with the country’s leading architects and product manufacturers).

4. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Exterior Painters East Auckland

We draw up a customised maintenance schedule to future proof your home.

Start your journey towards a SOUND HOME & ultimate home health today!

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