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Care that goes beyond the brush

Need Licensed Exterior House Painters in Northcote Point?

Care that goes beyond the brush

Need Licensed Exterior House Painters in Northcote Point?

Protect and extend the life of your home with quality services provided by our team of award-winning exterior painters. Northcote Point properties are hot commodities on the market thanks to their must-have Auckland location and sought-after neighbourhoods, but the value and condition of your home can drop rapidly with poor paint management. If left for an extended period of time, faded paint can allow weather tightness issues to creep in and cause structural damage to your property.  Do you have a paint maintenance plan in place? 

Depending on where you live and the weather conditions your home is subjected to, you may need to consider repainting your exterior as regularly as every 6-7 years. Other properties can get away with longer stretches, but they can’t be left forever without damage taking place. We can help make this maintenance affordable and planned, so there are no nasty surprises when it comes time to repaint and upkeep your home. 

We can provide both residential and commercial house painters – Northcote Point.

Make the paint job work for you

Elastomeric paint system - Exterior Painters Northcote Point

Quality painters Northcote Point know that an exterior paint system works best when you top coat your colours with an elastomeric paint system. This elastomeric system allows a property to be robustly protected from wind-driven rain and, when applied appropriately, can contribute to an effective waterproofing system. 

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We work with clients with all kinds of budgets, so we can help you find a suitable paint system solution that suits both you and your property. 


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Why Choose Us?

Quality exterior painting in Northcote Point

Our team collectively have been delivering quality, long-lasting paint results for three decades, and we enjoy the loyalty of customers that return again and again to upkeep their paintwork over the years. 

Our customers benefit from our Northcote Point painters’ vast experience in delivering pristine coats for your paintwork, preventing weather tightness issues and home deterioration. 

Not all painting teams are made equal. We strive for excellence, so we ensure we are always up to date as a licensed applicator of all of NZ’s leading paint and exterior membrane manufacturers. 

For every single full paint system, we deliver, we supply an applicator’s warranty directly from the manufacturer for each of the products we use, and each product is used as per its warranty to be valid. You can rest assured, knowing your paint system is top quality, and protected by warranty. 

The paint manufacturers we work with are leading and trusted industry manufacturers, including Resene, Wattyl and Dulux, for your peace of mind. Using the best products is important to us, and using them properly to ensure their longevity is even more important.

Over the years, we have won many awards for our sealing and exterior paintwork. Our team is proudly a market leader in our field, always striving to go that extra mile to deliver 100% satisfaction to our customers. 

Make the sight of home or your business an inviting one with the help of our experienced exterior painters - Northcote Point. Talk to us now.

Our 10-Year Performance Warranty

In it for the long haul

For most of our paintwork, we offer a 10-year performance warranty that we will gladly talk through with you when we work with you so you can feel confident that your result will last and that someone is taking accountability for it. 

Long-Term Plans

House Painters - Northcote Point

We can help you to introduce paintwork in your long-term maintenance plans by conducting a full inspection of the current paintwork and creating a plan to keep all exposed spots properly coated and looking fantastic for years to come. 

Finance Options

Protecting your paint doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

Keeping your paintwork up to date shouldn’t be avoided, as receding paint can allow structural damage over time, which in turn leads to a bigger, more expensive problem down the line. Quality paint is a barrier against the elements, and homes, particularly those made of plaster or in the monolithic style, require vigilant maintenance to prevent them from succumbing to water tightness issues. Our house painters Northcote Point are also weather tightness experts, so you can get both services in one. 

We’ve made staying on top of your home maintenance convenient and more affordable than ever. Sound Homes is an accredited lending partner and work hard to offer competitive payment plans so that every budget can include essential paint maintenance.

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Your Mini-Guide to Exterior Painting - Northcote Point

Your Mini-Guide to Exterior Painting - Northcote Point

Northcote Point properties and properties all over Auckland have benefitted from our experience and eye for quality work for exterior painting and even roof painting. We love the reaction our customers give when they see their freshly painted property. 

Homes look instantly newer with a fresh lick of paint and add value to your property – and it’s more affordable than you may expect. Our expert team delivers top-quality results and an endless selection of colours from leading brands that come with their own warranties and quality assurances. 

If you don’t know what colours to pick, we can help with that, too! We’ve seen enough colours and combinations to help you plan your new aesthetic. You don’t need to worry too much about fleeting design trends and if your property will look dated in five years’ time, as most colour schemes will be timeless. 

If you like the traditional white home, consider some more nuanced whites with off-white and shades of cream that can sit more harmoniously on the exterior and look a little less harsh in the light of day. 

The modern polar opposite of the traditional white home is an all-black exterior, which looks very chic and executive. 

Adding neutrals and naturals to your colour palettes like creams, subtle greys, warm browns, greens – and even vibrant greens can transform your property that looks beautiful in both more rural and city settings. 

An ocean-inspired colour palette is a great way to embrace some natural hues of blue, navy, teal and grey, which, when coupled with a white or black door and trimmings, can suit both modern properties and cottages. If you 

Curbside Appeal for the Seller

It may seem like none of their business, but when it comes to choosing colours for your home, take a glance at your neighbours. The last thing you want to do is stick out like a sore thumb, or clash when it comes to maintaining curbside appeal – particularly if you intend to sell. There’s not a lot you can do about your neighbour’s aesthetic, but if you choose vibrant purple in a street that favours subtle creams and browns – be prepared to stand out and maybe not for the right reason. 

Talk to our exterior painting Northcote Point experts today and get the paint refresher your property needs.

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